About us

SHILED has a professional firmware system and hardware platform, adopts a new technology mode to ensure that the cold end hardware never touches the net, uses multiple encryption protection systems to ensure the core assets, and completely eliminates the risk of private key leakage. While building a cold storage mode for blockchain assets. The shield APP supports BTC, BCH, BTG, ETH, ETC, LTC, QUTM, DASH and all the convenient management of digital assets based on ERC20-TOKEN tokens.

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features & Prospect

Assets Safety

The private key are safely stored on the cold wallet which eliminates the risks of being hacked.

Investment Growth

Pushing the blockchain news,high quality projects recommendation,certificated exchanges cooperation

Ecological Layout

Promote localized business services with blockchain technology, and create high-value community ecology


Doctor John Barrowman

full stack developer

5 years experience in blockchain technology since 2013,And continue to engage in the research and application of blockchain technology,worked for Synopsys in silicon valley and have rich experience in cryptography, database, server and mobile

Doctor David Kovacs

Blockchain expert

U.S. ACM Practitioner Board member;American electronic society blockchain expert committee;American CISSP(ISC registered information management security expert);Previously worked at California's Juniper Networks in silicon valley as director of security technology and chief security architect。

Master Archit Sharma

Master of computer science

Full experience in P2P network development,Familiar with the development of blockchain technology,Proficient in C/C++, Python and Shell, and worked as a senior development engineer for Maxtor in silicon valley.

Master Richard Chow

Computer engineer

CDN systems specialist,Operating system and performance engineering specialist, responsible for project team management. Worked in silicon valley Network Appliance, engaged in the large-scale design and development of large-scale cloud services and distributed systems.

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